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Available Players
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I'm a 22 year old female and moved to Anchorage this fall. I've played competitive club soccer since 8 years old and varsity high school soccer, becoming one of the top scorers in my state. Haven't played a ton recently but I keep in pretty good shape in other ways.

Have played almost all positions (except goalie) and willing to play any position. I also have a flexible schedule! Hoping to play with a team that works together to be competitive but still has fun

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Looking to play on coed A/B team, open to play for any team! Just moved to Anchorage, looking to get into the soccer scene up here.

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Just moved to Anchorage from Nome where I was playing pick-up soccer indoors on a weekly basis year-round with some great people.
Before that I've played soccer competitively since I was eight years old, through high school, and with a club team in college.

Mainly I'm a defender but I also play up in midfield roles, and I have the stamina and conditioning to actually make runs throughout the game.
I'd ideally love to be on a Division B/C team, either COed or men's team, but I'll join anyone who is willing to pick me up to play during the Fall 2 season.
Thanks all!

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My name is Shelby, 29, just moved to Anchorage from Fairbanks. I played competitive soccer growing up and College. Recently been playing coed, women's leagues in Fairbanks for fun. Looking to join a team to get back out there and get back in shape.

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I’m 36 looking to join a div e/f coed team. I played in high school. Just looking to have some fun and kick the ball around.

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28 yr old female, average player but tough, played mostly rec for the last few years. Looking for a coed team for fall 2. Oh, and I'll actually show up.

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I'm Cillian, 31, from Ireland, and looking to join a team for the Fall. Haven't played in a few years so I'm a bit rusty, but keen to get back into it. I would play any position really, except as keeper.

Maeva Waterman
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I’m an Anchorage resident and played soccer in college and professionally in Europe and the US.
I want to get back into playing for fitness and fun. None of my Anchorage friends play soccer, so looking for An established team!
I'm a 28-year-old woman looking For a co-ed team!

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Just moved to Anchorage and looking to play soccer. I’m 29

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Player name : Arturo

Positions: Right Back, Defensive Midfielder, Right Wingback, Right Midfielder, Left Wingback, Left Midfielder, Left Winger

Strongest attributes : Acceleration, Pace, Marking, Toughness, Tackling, Teamwork, Work Rate, Agility, Balance, Stamina

Weakest attributes: Vision, Passing, Technique, flair

Style of play

Right Back: Holds position, plays simple passes, likes to tackle

Left/Right Midfielder: Likes to push the back line with runs to the back post. Can also cut inside from left wing, likes to play one-twos, contributes defensively, likes to tackle

Has the pace to get up and down the wing and mark runners out of Midfield. Has the acceleration to break up the counter and to make runs to the back post on the counter himself.
Energetic, hardworking, dynamic Fullback/Wide Midfielder/Wingback

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Hey guys! I'm 28 and have been playing soccer my whole life, all the way through college. I primarily play outside mid/wing, with experience at outside back and striker as well. I haven't played competitively much in the past few years, but have been looking for any opportunity to get back into it. Feel free to reach out with questions or openings. Cheers!

Michael Naylor
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Anyone looking to join Arctic Rush can contact me at the email provided! We have two teams in Men's A, and a Coed team that will be a full Women's team in the Fall II session.

We will have Open Tryouts in Spring 2022 for players looking to join our UPSL Teams for the summer, but for now, just looking for players who want to play at a high level and be competitive year round!

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Hey everyone,
I played varsity soccer throughout high school and club soccer for years doing mostly defense before I got stationed in Alaska. I’ve been on coed and women’s teams in the past and I’d love to get back into it.