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Heidi W

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Hey, I am a 31 years old and I am looking to pick the game back up! I played a little bit in highschool and then on an indoor team throughout college. I'd probably be best on a c or d coed or woman's team. I can play any position besides goalie. Let me know, I'm ready to start!

John M

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I'm a lifelong player a bit past his prime (Age 41), so I'm looking to join an Over 35 Team or a C/D league team - men's or coed. I'm comfortable playing any position except for keeper. I played club soccer through high school and in various competitive amateur leagues in Kalamazoo, MI since then.

Christian TAMAYO

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i am 21 originally from CA. just moves to AK. I Played with Surf DA, Tiffany's Pachuca FC, along with Club Soccer at Cal Poly Pomona in CA. I play anywhere on the pitch, primarily Centerback and Defensive Mid

Ricardo A

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I’m 20 years old and I’ve been playing soccer for about 12 years now. I like to say that I’m very confident in playing right midfield since I have really good condition and I’m able to create good plays. I’ve played with a couple of Division 1 soccer clubs in Arizona and did went to a few tryouts for the sub 16 Mexican soccer team Atlas. Im currently in the Army and I play with some teams but I’m looking for a challenge. I wouldn’t mind if don’t get to play any games but being able to practice with skilled players would be great.

John-Ashton S

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My name is John-Ashton Swope. I play goalkeeper . I played for 4 years in high school at the varsity level. I was on the Colony High School team that won state. I have played intramural soccer at UAA every year since. I am interested in playing at any level with either co ed or mens. If your team needs a keep I would definitely be a solid choice. I’m dependable so I won’t flake on you. Send me an email and I will get back to you ASAP

Ezra Antwi

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Am from West Africa Ghana and I've been playing soccer since infancy, I believe am a pro and I would like to justify my inclusion to prove am the best, am left-footed but am a versatile player, my position is 10 or 11 .. hit me up asap 612 707 9203

Daeun J

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Played a little bit in high school and in rec leagues. I honestly just miss the sport and would love to get back into it! I played predominantly defense or wing. Also im looking to get on a D/E level coed/womens team.

Jessica Straub

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Hey, I am looking to join a coed team. I am 25 newly love soccer and having a fun team. I played club growing up and college, I think Id be a great addition to a team! I usually play midfield but am comfortable playing wherever to get on a team!

Sierra Guzmán

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26 years ,just got out of the Army and looking to play on a female team. Haven’t played since I was a kid but looking to learn the sport again. I’m probably a division D.

Jessica B

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I'd love to be part of the winter women league! I'm 23, and interested in either C/D league. I played mid-field/defense (L or R) in high school, and realized I really miss playing the game.

Colin Rankin

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Just moved up here from Florida. Played in competitive men’s league there, played center back but also Forward when needed. Looking for any team that needs a reliable team member with speed , that’s strong in the ball and an understanding of the game. Any team for now. Thanks!

Manuel R

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Played in high school. Interested in staying active, having fun, and playing a little competitive soccer. Interested in playing either C/D league. 23 years old and in good shape.

Leif B

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Lifelong soccer player. Have not played for a few years. Looking for an active winter activity to keep in shape, socialize and meet some new people. Open to any league level. Have played competitively and appreciate a team that has played together and passes well. Midfield and forward.

Jorge Rea

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I wonder if I will be playing in winter mens team league, my position is defense and goal keeper, I am looking for men's team, I will really appreciate it if you let me know soon, thanks.

Christopher Bayer

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My girlfriend and I are looking for a coed team to play on preferably at the D to C level range. I would also like to look for either a men's or coed team on the B level. I have played most of my life my girlfriend and I just moved up here from the lower 48 and would like to meet some new people.

Jayson S

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I have played variations soccer, college i steamy tales, many different indoor adult leagues. I have had a 18 Mo break due to jobs and moving. But want to get back in it. Cardio is key for me so I can fill in anywhere, have played all positions beside goalie. My wife and I just moved up here and are looking to meet new friends. Willing to be a team captain if a bunch of free agents want to start a team!! If I get picked up I will be at any game and willing to be flexible to wherever you need me. I will play any league, might be a tad behind for league A but will be a good sub for league A if a team just needs someone dependable to ensure they have enough players.

Brian Saakvitne

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Played growing up into high school and then started playing football I can play defense (sweeper/right back) or goalie. Look forward to getting back into it! C/D league

Adam Jones

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I'm 30 and just moved back to Anchorage this spring. Full disclosure, other than one season of adult league a couple years ago, I haven't played soccer since high school. Open for all divisions except maybe A, I'm just looking to get back out and have fun-- winning some games doesn't hurt helping make it fun! Im mainly a midfielder but can play anywhere except goalie.