COVID-19 Mitigation Plan

This document describes the measures taken by Soccer Alaska to minimize the spread of COVID-19. It is subject to change in the face of new information, updated best practices, or government order. These protective measures are based on advice from public health experts and are intended to protect Soccer Alaska’s players, spectators and our community.

  1. General
    1. a.Emails will be sent to all players and referees stating that any players who 1) have symptoms of COVID-19, 2) are feeling ill and/or 3) have been exposed to a person with COVID-19 must not attend scrimmages and must notify Soccer Alaska’s League Administrator at [email protected] immediately.
    2. b.Soccer Alaska’s COVID-19 Mitigation Plan will be posted on Soccer Alaska’s website, available 24/7 and The Dome will keep a copy at the Front Desk.
    3. c.Soccer Alaska will send reminder emails throughout the season instructing players who feel sick or have symptoms not to play.  
    4. d.Consecutive scrimmages on the same field will be staggered to increase social distancing during transition times.
      1. All teams must fully vacate the field within 10 minutes after the final whistle, no exceptions.
    5. e.Players are ONLY allowed to play on one team to minimize the chances of community spread.
    6. Players may not enter the field until the previous team has cleared the turf to reduce the chance of community spread. If players arrive early to their scrimmage, they may wait in the bleacher area while adhering to physical distancing requirements until their designated field is clear of the previous user group or Soccer Alaska team.
    7. g.Under EO-17 Attachment E, Organized Sports, spectators are not allowed for this Winter Season. 
    8. h.High-risk individuals are encouraged to stay home and not play this season. 
  1. Visitor Logs
    1. All players and referees, on each scrimmage day, will complete the electronic Soccer Alaska Health Screening, consisting of the below questions.  Only players and referees who respond “No” to all four questions will be allowed to enter the facility.
      1. Have you been outside Alaska since [14 days prior]?  An acceptable answer may also include: (Yes, but I have proof of a negative COVID-19 test result taken at least 5 days after I entered Alaska)
      2. Have you been in contact with anybody with a suspected or confirmed case of COVID-19 since [14 days prior]?
      3. Are you currently experiencing any of these symptoms? Cough, shortness of breath, chills, muscle pain, new loss of taste or smell, vomiting or diarrhea, or sore throat?
      4. Have you had a fever in the last 72 hours?
  1. Masks
    1. a.Players and referees are required to wear masks at all times while inside The Dome. This includes but is not limited to while on the field, the bench, the restrooms and traversing to and from the fields. 
    2. b.Masks must cover both the nose and the mouth.
    3. c.Both cloth masks and disposable face coverings are allowed.
    4. d.Clear face shields are not an acceptable substitute for a mask unless worn by a person with a qualified medical disability.
      1. Decisions about face shields will be made in accordance with the Americans With Disabilities Act.
  1. Social Distancing
    1. Players are required to social distance a minimum of six feet while entering/exiting the parking lot, while moving through The Dome, while entering/exiting the field area, and while on the sidelines. 
    2. Distancing of less than six feet is only permitted within the rules of soccer during active scrimmaging.
    3. Referees, Team Managers, and staff of The Dome and Soccer Alaska will monitor compliance with distancing requirements.
    4. Emails to all players restating the importance of social distancing will be sent routinely throughout the season.
  1. Player Responsibilities
    1. In addition to other responsibilities listed in this Mitigation Plan, players:
      1. Must wash and sanitize clothing and equipment regularly and set bags apart from others. The Dome will wash pinnies loaned to team managers.
      2. Are strongly encouraged to social distance a minimum of ten feet as much as possible during active scrimmaging.
      3. Must observe social distancing of at least six feet while on the sidelines or otherwise not engaged in active scrimmaging.
      4. Must wear a mask at all times while in The Dome. Masks must not be removed to speak or shout.
      5. Must remain a minimum of six feet while entering/exiting the parking lot, the field area and while on the sidelines. 
      6. Must wash their hands or use hand sanitizer before and after each scrimmage. Players are encouraged to have a personal supply of sanitizer, disinfectant wipes, disposable gloves and tissues.
      7. Must not participate in group celebrations, high 5’s, hugs or handshakes.
      8. viii.Must not spit during the scrimmage. 
      9. Must leave the area as soon as reasonably possible after the scrimmage.
      10. Must bring their own equipment and water bottle to scrimmages. 
      11. Must not share water, food or equipment.
  1. Referee Responsibilities
    1. Referees should, in addition to other responsibilities listed in this Mitigation Plan:
      1. Follow all Player Responsibilities listed in Section VI above.
      2. Only use electronic whistles provided by The Dome.
  1. Training
    1. a.Referees, although they are not employees, will be provided guidance regarding COVID-19 and Soccer Alaska’s Mitigation Plan.
    2. b.Players will also be provided guidance regarding COVID-19 and Soccer Alaska’s Mitigation Plan.
    3. c.Referees will strictly enforce all COVID-related protocols, including verbal warnings, yellow cards or red card (ejections) followed with season suspensions. 
  1. Response to Confirmed Infection
    1. a.If an active player is identified as being COVID-19 positive by testing, Soccer Alaska will perform the following as soon as practical and before any other activities take place in the affected area(s):
      1. Soccer Alaska will perform a full cleaning, sanitizing and disinfection of the goal posts at all fields.
      2. Soccer Alaska will perform a full cleaning of the restroom facilities at The Dome.
      3. Referees will clean, sanitize and disinfect all flags, uniforms, whistles and gear.
      4. Players should clean, sanitize and disinfect all soccer gear, clothing and equipment.
    2. In the event that a player plays a scrimmage and later tests positive, public health officials would interview that player to determine the extent of the possible spread.  The officials would then get in touch with everyone who they concluded had close contact with the infected player.  “Close contact” is defined as having been within 6 feet or less for at least ten minutes.  
    3. Public health officials are in charge of determining the scope of the spread and contacting anybody who was exposed.  Although Soccer Alaska wouldn’t be allowed to share which player had tested positive, Soccer Alaska will perform the tasks listed in Section VIII.a.
  1. Bathrooms and Lockers
    1. The Dome has closed the locker rooms due to COVID precautions.
      1. Players must arrive dressed and ready for their scrimmage. Shoes may be changed on the field as normal.
    2. The restrooms at The Dome are fully operational.
    3. Soccer Alaska requires players and referees to wash/ sanitize hands before and after scrimmages. Sanitizing hands throughout the scrimmage is strongly encouraged.
  1. Cleaning and Sanitizing Equipment
    1. Soccer Alaska recognizes that soccer balls are provided by players at random for use during the scrimmages.  Referees or Team Managers should sanitize the selected soccer ball prior to the start of the scrimmage. 
  1. Pertinent Information from The Dome Facility
    1. This season, the realities of COVID-19 make it crucial for everybody in the sports community to work together to ensure that indoor sports can continue. As The Dome welcomes User Groups back inside, we are requiring a number of operational safeguards to be upheld, based on mitigation best practices created in consultation with health experts. 
    2. Our goal is to help everybody stay safe and preserve The Dome’s ability to remain open and serve our community. We appreciate your assistance in maintaining a high standard of COVID safety. 
    3. The Dome has modified its traffic pattern to minimize potential points of contact between different groups: 
      1. To access the turf, users will ascend the stairs closest to the main entrance, cross the landing, and descend the stairs onto the turf. 
      2. To exit the turf, users will ascend the stairs from the turf, cross the landing, and descend the stairs closest to the spectator area. 
      3. These paths will be marked with signs and stanchions. 
    4. Turf User Groups must vacate their space on the turf 10 minutes prior to the end of their scheduled time. Not adhering to this strict policy will result in departure time being advanced further (10 minutes, 20 minutes, as necessary) or the forfeiture of time. 
    5. Turf User Groups may not access their rented space until the previous group has fully vacated the space. The purpose of this rule is to avoid contacting or sharing space with other User Groups. Leaders are expected to adhere to the spirit of this safety rule – if a previous group has not yet vacated the rented space, even if that group is in the wrong, User Group must delay their entry until the previous group has exited.