Soccer Alaska COVID-19 Mitigation

August 12, 2021

Soccer Alaska has taken the following measures to minimize the spread of COVID-19 and protect Soccer Alaska’s players, spectators and our community. Our protective measures are based on advice from public health experts and are subject to change in the face of new information, updated best practices or government order.

  1. Any player or referee who 1) has COVID-19 like symptoms, 2) is feeling ill and/or 3) has been exposed to a person with COVID-19 must not attend games and must notify Soccer Alaska’s League Administrator at [email protected] immediately.
  2. High-risk individuals are encouraged to stay home and not play this season.
  3. Players are encouraged to:
    1. Only play on one team though this is not a requirement.
    2. Wear masks while playing though this is not a requirement.
  4. Players should:
    1. Continue to social distance a minimum of six feet while on the sidelines.
    2. Wash and sanitize clothing and equipment regularly and set bags apart from others. The Dome washes pinnies loaned to team managers.
    3. Wash their hands or use hand sanitizer before and after each game.
    4. Sanitize the selected soccer ball prior to the start of the scrimmage.
    5. Bring their own equipment and water bottle to games.
    6. Not participate in group celebrations, high 5’s, hugs or handshakes.
    7. Not share water, food or equipment.